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An introduction to Spreadsheets Using OpenOffice

Understanding statistics is the key to understanding and predicting changes in the future - TED Talk - Hans Rosling on Economy
  1. If you do not have OpenOffice, download it for free from OpenOffice.org
  2. To learn to create and use spreadsheets, view and listen to each of the tutorials below.
  3. Sorting and Graphs: Next complete the Assignments - Planets
  4. Reading Graphs: Finally complete the Media in Different Countries report in the Media Literacy wiki.
  5. Collect Data, Organize Data, Formulas, Graphs: Candy Is Dandy (M and M) Experiment.
  6. Formulas (sum): After completing the tutorials complete the Art of Budgeting Assignment.
  7. Create a spreadsheet for 4 meal items for a family at the restaurant you are creating for Spanish.
  • Enter at least 4 food items from the menu plus at least 4 drinks, plus the cost of each item.
  • Format the cells for Currency with 2 decimals.
  • Enter a formula to calculate the total cost of the food and drinks. (Sum the amounts) Show the amount in a column labeled Food Total.
  • Calculate 6% tax. (6% * Food Total) Show the amount in a column labeled Tax.
  • Calculate 20% gratuity (tip). (20% * Food Total) Show the amount in a column labeled Service.
  • Sum all and place in a column labeled Total Amount to show how much money the customer needs to pay for the meals, tax and service.
  • Assuming the customer pays with a credit card, calculate an additional 15% APR charged at the end of a month (15%/12 * Total Amount). Show the amount in a column labeled Credit Card.
  • Add your name and print, making sure it is printing only a single page.
  • Next, follow the directions below to print your spreadsheet again showing the formulas. Print showing the formulas and staple to the first page you printed
  • ## Click Tools and select Options.
    1. In the left pane of the Options window, expand OpenOffice.org Calc.
    2. Select View.
    3. In the Display section, check the Formulas checkbox.
    4. Click OK.

View and listen to the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Tutorials: Open an OpenOffice Spreadsheet on your computer. Follow along with the instructions.

1. Enter Data

2. Edit Data

3. Format Numbers

4. Cells, Formatting, Formulas

5. Formatting, Graphs & Charts, Column Widths

  • You need a spreadsheet with data to create the chart. Enter the following information on a spreadsheet with the words Week 1 in cell C3.
  • You can copy the data below and paste in a spreadsheet to get it started.
  • Note that my numbers below do not exactly match those on the tutorial, but they are close enough to use for the graph.
  • The title is Takings for the Week. The X axis is Weeks and the Y axis is Value in Dollars.
  • Show the completed graph to Mrs. Carrier.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

6. Sorting Data

7. AutoSum Formula

8. Entering Formulas - (Note: He messes up the first formula but then gets it right!)

  • Show the completed work to Mrs. Carrier